Compliance Panel Highlights MJP Commitment to Clients

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Ensuring regulatory compliance is a necessary but time-consuming process. Developing a robust compliance program can be beneficial to financial advisors because it shows their commitment to properly handling their business and clients’ assets. 

Brian Vendig, President of MJP Wealth Advisors, was recently invited to participate in a panel discussion on compliance for Financial Advisor HQ. 

A portion of the compliance discussion focused on negative consequences that can occur when compliance guidelines are flouted. For example, firms can have violations reported to the SEC, and the negative impact of compliance failures can affect them as they seek to build new business.

Brian specifically emphasized the positive impact of developing appropriate compliance procedures. In his comments, he noted that knowing and understanding your clients is imperative and a commitment to connectivity is also important for compliance success.  

To read a summary of the panel discussion, visit Financial Advisor IQ’s site; a full recording of the webcast is also available.

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